Toxicity Transcendence: Michael Kay’s Sonic Journey to Liberation

Welcome to “Toxic Remedies,” the meticulously curated playlist by the incomparable Michael Kay.

Searching for the ultimate sonic elixir to dissolve the remnants of your toxic relationship? Look no further, Michael Kay has masterfully crafted a musical sanctuary that will heal your wounded heart and lift your spirits to new heights.

With his just-released single “Toxic,” Michael bares his soul, serenading us through the treacherous chapters of a lethal love affair, all nestled within a sultry R&B soundscape.

Michael Kay single 'Toxic'
Credit: Jarrad Levy

But hold on tight, for there’s a myriad of auditory antidotes awaiting your eager ears.

Brace yourself as you embark on this exhilarating sonic voyage—an empowerment tonic to liberate yourself from toxic entanglements.

And don’t forget to immerse yourself in Michael Kay’s recent track, “Toxic,” which serves as the soul-stirring centerpiece of this playlist.

With its seductive R&B groove and poignant lyrics, it encapsulates the journey of recognizing and breaking free from toxic relationships, solidifying its place as a standout in Michael’s remarkable repertoire.

Get ready to be captivated and empowered by the musical prowess of Michael Kay.

Michael Kay has fastidiously handpicked a collection of songs that will simultaneously make you exclaim “mhmmm!” and empower you to shatter the chains of toxicity.

“Toxic” – Michael Kay

Without a doubt, one of my favourites in my catalogue. Toxic relationships can sometimes bring out the worst in us, and this song is about recognizing that and walking away from it. It’s a great remedy for what we’re about to get into.

“If I Get Caught” – dvsn

In the words of Jay Z, “I didn’t think one could make a song more toxic than ‘Song Cry,’ but I stand corrected.” “If I Get Caught” is truly an anthem for the toxic, and I love it because of all the conversations it sparked when it was released and all the old-school type responses that were created. After this one, you may need the next remedy.

“Tipsy” – Chloe x Halle

Chloe x Halle delivered this remedy on their sophomore album, “Ungodly Hour.” “Tipsy” is about commanding the respect you need from your significant other. Simply put, “If you love your little life, then don’t mess up.”

“Purr” (feat. Kari Faux) – Kyle Dion

This one is for couples who enjoy their partners being mad at them to spice up their love life. Is it toxic? I’ll let you make up your mind about “Purr.”

“Sorry” – Beyoncé

When you’re done with your ex or a toxic situation, “Sorry” is the anthem I always revisit to give me the strength to leave. This song will never fail to make me say “boy bye” to a toxic situation.

“Blind” – SZA

SZA will always be an artist I look up to when it comes to delivering music about the most toxic dating issues we all face. “Blind” is just that because we’ve all been blind at some point. “F**king on my ex ’cause he validates me.”

“Imported” – Jessie Reyez & 6LACK

Jessie Reyez and 6LACK delivered another toxic anthem, but this one is for those times when you just need a rebound to be toxic. It’s a sad boy toxic anthem.

“Roaster” – Jazmine Sullivan

This one is for self-aware toxic people. Jazmine has a way of making you step up your game and let that one person know not to catch feelings.

“Dumb Bitch Punch” – Nnena

“DBP” is the newest single by one of my favorite up-and-coming artists, Nnena. If you’re sick and tired of situations falling apart, this remedy reminds you not to sip that dumb bitch punch.