Michael Scott’s ‘Threat Level Midnight’ has been released in its entirety

If you have ever wanted to watch the long lost Michael Scott film Threat Level Midnight, you’re in luck.

The script written by Steve Carell’s famous character was stumbled upon by Pam (Jenna Fischer) in the second season of the show.

Steve Carell’s character Michael Scott plays a super spy who attempts to stop the villain Goldenface from destroying the NHL All-Star Game.

The classic TV show, The Office US, had originally only released the film as a bonus feature for its seventh season. There were also snippets in season seven when the team watched the film together.

The story follows spy Michael Scarn as he seeks redemption for his wife Catherine’s death. The aim of his mission? To stop the evil Goldenface from completing his plan to destroy the NHL All-Star Game. The premise? Ridiculous. The enjoyment level? Incomparable. We can only hope Scarn can complete his mission in-time.

To make the festive season even better, NBC talked about the possibility of a reboot of the show. They described it being “A goal” of theirs to have a reboot ready for the release of their streaming service, Peacock. The amount of streaming services is becoming far too saturated lately, so the inclusion of a new NBC one seems superfluous. However, any excuse to go back and watch all 9 seasons of the hit show makes Peacock almost worth it.

You can watch the full masterpiece below: