Michèle Ducray pulls you into an isolated wonderland with 'Midnight'

Michèle Ducray pulls you into an isolated wonderland with ‘Midnight’

New Zealand artist, Michèle Ducray, paints a sonically cinematic picture of isolation with their debut single, Midnight. 

Pressing on the fantastical and colour-bursting thread of the imagination, singer/songwriter Michèle Ducray releases debut track, Midnight

The tune exhumes a hauntingly enchanting echo long after it ends, etching deep into the feeling of isolation and uncertainty.

Michèle Ducray

Ducray has long leaned into the sound of peculiarity and soundscapes that paint a cinematic dream. Midnight simply ticks into the artists’ alt-pop style and entices the listener to fall down the rabbit hole of Ducray’s wonderland sound.

Residing in Christchurch, New Zealand, Ducray was moved to create an electrically riveting tune about isolation during her time spent in lockdown. The track trickles down the spine, sweet honey vocals moving the listener to find comfort as Ducray pleads; “can you help me/gotta love me/won’t you love me till midnight”. 

It comes as no surprise that the track was a semi-finalist in the Voyager International Songwriting Competition; with lyrics that tell an illusively hypnotic story, saturated in the layers of cinematic electric beats.


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Although international travel has been out of the question lately, Ducray’s work transcends the listener to the land of the mystic, a skill sharpened from years of travelling and songwriting at a young age.

The track blends effortlessly to create an intimately illusive beat that whispers in the ear, saturating you with the feeling of seclusion, with a veined desire for intimacy.

Midnight is in essence an imaginative burst of Ducray’s storytelling talents, brought to life by Christchurch producers; Devin Abrams and Simon Gooding. The track leaves you yearning for more drops of Ducray’s melodies, we can only hope that Midnight is a glimmer for the work to come.

Check out Michèle Ducray’s debut single below: