Midnight Tea Party run us through each track of their new album Massilia

Last week, when Sydney quintet Midnight Tea Party released their latest album Massilia, we were immediately immersed in their sprawling sounds. It’s a unique blend of sounds that’s unlike anything else we’ve recently heard.

So we caught up with the band for a track by track run-down of the album. Take it away Midnight Tea Party…

Fresh off the release of their new album Massilia, we caught up with Sydney five-piece Midnight Tea Party for a track-by-track run-down.


We recorded this album back in February this year, and Mastermunk was the first tune of the day. Quite unexpectedly we got it on the very first take! Maybe it was a combination of nerves and being well-rehearsed, who knows. It was certainly a good start to the whole process that got us feeling confident and relaxed about the rest of the day.


Tootsie was one of the first tunes I wrote when the band had undergone a bit of a change in personnel in 2017. The dub out section only came together in the week leading up to when we recorded it. Funny how a deadline can lead to some great new ideas! That section is my favourite part of the tune now!


The first riff in Jukepot came from a sound I was messing with on the Juno 106. From there we kept jamming on it and adding new parts. We joke that this is the “soundtrack to summer” track on the album as it’s a little bit ‘happier’ than the rest of our songs!


The word ‘Massilia’ is French slang for the city of Marseille. It’s an awesome place and is a real melting pot of cultures and music from all around the Mediterranean. One of my favourite memories from my travels there was seeing a Balkan brass band on the street and this tune always reminds me of that. Rob, our trumpeter, plays such an awesome solo on this one too!

Heaven’s Gate

Heaven’s Gate is the only cover song on the album. I heard it on a record, The Skatalites Meet King Tubby. Silky, our drummer, mixed the whole album in a studio in the basement of his house (so cold!) and did some sweet dub outs on this one.

Peppa Le Doof

Sometimes I just can’t think of a proper or serious name for a new tune. Peppa Le Doof is one of those! The story goes that Peppa Pig loves to doof and raves hard with her friends Pedro Pony and Susie Sheep. OINK!!

Mystery Bag

So there is a bit of a tale attached to Mystery Bag but I don’t think I can tell that here… anyway if you sing “Bunnings Warehouse” along with the main riff it totally fits! Maybe this should be their new theme tune?

La Gitane

La Gitane is one of our oldest songs. We’ve been playing it for years and it’s so good to finally have a recording of it. The ending really goes off so we always save this one until last when we’re performing!

Massilia is available now. Listen above.