Mike Tyson promises to build a weed-friendly resort in California

Mike Tyson promises to build a weed-friendly resort in California

It seems that since retiring from the boxing ring, Mike Tyson has traded in his gloves for a full time gig in getting lit. On his podcast, Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson, the beloved celebrity figure admitted to smoking at least $40,000 worth of weed each month.

Tyson has previously stated in the media that he started smoking weed at the age of 10. Perhaps it is no surprise that he tested positive for weed following his bout in 2000 against Andrew Golota, resulting in a $200,000 fine.

Mike Tyson plans to build a weed-friendly resort in California on 420 acres of land, proving that he’s traded in his gloves in search for greener pastures.

Tyson has his own weed ranch spanning, you guessed it, 420 acres. He plans on opening this ranch to the public for what sounds like a weed-themed resort. Dope!

“We’re going to make this an oasis in the fucking desert, man. We’re gonna have golfing shit there. Cannabis friendly, my friend…We’re going to have like 100 chateaus where you can bring your broad, you can bring your family, you can lay out and you won’t even know you’re in California. You’ll think you’re in the Bahamas somewhere.” explains Tyson.

You may not see a whole lot of families chomping at the bit for a getaway to the Tyson cannabis resort but for those who do, more power to them.

No date has been proposed for the opening of the resort, but get keen!