Mike Wilde’s ‘It Won’t Be Long’ is old-school funk meets piano ballad

Making music that stands out from the pack is usually quite a challenging hurdle. For performer Mike Wilde, it comes naturally.

Mike Wilde’s journey alongside music is seasoned with experience. Wilde began by playing in Sydney bands, notably featuring in TV classic Home & Away in the funk band, PLUS. From there, Wilde went from street performances in Europe, acting in Sweden, playing bass in Scandanavia, a Fine Arts degree, and then back to Oz to teach music to up-and-comers.

By the time 2018 rolled up, Wilde had secured a distribution deal with AWAL. Judging by his latest single, It Won’t Be Long, his journey is only getting started.

Mike Wilde

It Won’t Be Long is wide in scope, tackling universal inequalities and existential fears to the sound of funky trumpets and bass. However, according to Wilde, the track began as a piano ballad. There’s also some gospel influence in the chorus with some tasteful chord transitions. All of these varying genres culminate into an epic sounding track that feels entirely unique.

Lyrically, It Won’t Be Long is at its strongest when Wilde is pointing a finger at the ethical fallacies surrounding contemporary society. From the disproportionate spread of wealth, “where the rich get richer, and the dumb get mean” to racist delusions, “cos we all look the same from out in space”, Wilde leaves no stone unturned.

Meanwhile, the single’s music video adds to the listening experience by enlisting Sydney dancer and choreographer, Ivy Rivett. Rivett does a compelling job at adding physical expression to the track alongside the filmed instrumental performances. Instrument fanatics, be sure to pay close attention to Wilde’s impressive collection.

While the future may appear bleak, “it won’t be long” until change blows our way. Whether that change is positive or not, we don’t know, but Wilde knows it’s coming. Based on the triumphant brass and joyous bass riffing, the artist is making a groovy case for optimism.

Listen to It Won’t Be Long below: