Unveiling ‘Contactless’ – A Track-by-Track Journey with Miss Lucy

Prepare to embark on a mesmerizing musical voyage as we delve into ‘Contactless,’ the debut opus by Miss Lucy.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant and infectious world of Miss Lucy’s ‘Contactless’ EP. Born out of a productive week in 2020, this impressive six-track creation became a testament to the artist’s ability to transform isolation into inspiration.

Meanjin-based electro-pop artist Miss Lucy, also known as Blair Condon, navigates the aftermath of a ended relationship with a stunning display of underwater funk melodies and irresistible grooves.

miss lucy

From the addictive bass lines in ‘Chocolate’ to the disco-infused allure of ‘Still Got Hearts (On My Phone),’ ‘Contactless’ delivers indie rock with a shimmering funk twist.

Each track captivates with its unique charm, whether it’s the raw emotion in ‘Gold Star’ or the resilience portrayed in ‘Keep In Mind.’ The EP culminates in the epic ‘Day Without You,’ an enchanting closer that combines orchestral grandeur with introspective lyrics.

‘Contactless,’ Miss Lucy’s inaugural masterpiece, serves as a testament to their artistic evolution and guarantees an enthralling expedition into the realm of music.

With finesse, Blair escorts us on a meticulous exploration of each track in ‘Contactless,’ unfurling the spellbinding sonic odyssey concealed within.

Miss Lucy x ‘Contactless’ Track By Track

New Threads is about wanting something new whether that be a new life, new friends or even new clothes. Asking for change and answering the call that is the future. A lot of the emotion in this track is when I found my mental health to be less than ideal – that’s super obvious when I sing “as far as I can tell I’m over it but it’s not what the doc seems to think”.

Still Got Hearts (On My Phone) is completely fictional and to be honest, I have never left hearts on my phone after a break up. A close friend of mine had broken up with their girlfriend around the same time I did too and I noticed he still had hearts next to her name when he got a text from her. I suppose I thought that would be a funny idea for a song. Also, I would love to open a bar called The Search Bar.

Gold Star is a pretty raw song lyrically in that I had written it in the weeks just after my ex and I broke up. It was a pretty brutal break up that happened at around 1am after a night out and I think that’s why this one feels “darker” than the rest. It’s not a f#ck you song by any means, more of a “yeah, I f#cked up big time and I’m willing to admit that” and definitely a farewell in some ways.

Keep In Mind is the counter emotion of Gold Star, the ying of the yang of sorts. 

Keep in mind, I loved you but not this time, I’ve learnt to love me more than your love could ever have tried”. 

It’s pretty clear that line was written sometime after Gold Star but I knew these two songs belonged side by side. Part 2 of this song, even more so – “Keep in mind the futures kind, all those things you asked for will come alive” repeated over and over. That was what I told myself everyday, that things will always be better in time.

Chocolate is the song that went through the most changes. From its inception, it has probably 3 or 4 versions and this is the one that made me the most excited. One day I will put some demos out for people to hear but I think the way this song doesn’t want to adhere to any “songwriters guidelines” makes it fun to play. It’s also about being addicted to someone or something (obviously).

Day Without You – it’s hard to say where this song got the nerve to be this long but alas, it’s my favourite off of the EP. My favourite songs on albums are usually the closers and maybe it’s because they take the most risks or that they are usually longer and I purposefully set out a goal when making this EP to make a long and epic sounding closer. For the first half of this song, it relies on 2 chords and the other half has 3, so fingers crossed it can keep someone entertained for 6 and a half minutes. Lyrically, this song is about that part of the break up where you have to accept things for how they are and you do but there are still some feelings of regret and missing that person. My absolute favourite piece of music that I’ve written is when the song gets to the part with a choir of voices and the long synth, then the acoustic guitar comes in. Makes me forget about everything in life for a brief moment.

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