‘Better Without You’: YUMI’s mesmerizing trifecta of melancholic beauty

YUMI’s EP “Better Without You” merges ethereal melodies and introspective poetics, transforming vulnerability into beautiful strength.

Today marks the release of the EP’s title track, ‘Better Without You,’ a flawless culmination that weaves together influences from the ethereal vibes of Nico from The Velvet Underground and the haunting allure of Lana Del Rey.

The result is a hazy, dreamy atmosphere that exudes an ideal dose of femininity, with YUMI’s breathy alto vocals seamlessly complementing the soundscape, resulting in a captivating fusion of melancholic beauty.

YUMI single 'Coffee'

Drawing inspiration from dream pop sensations Alvvays and the timeless allure of Dusty Springfield’s 1960s pop sensibilities, the EP embraces a reverberating soundscape that enchants the senses.

Following a thoughtfully crafted waterfall release strategy, the EP unveiled its inaugural track”Coffee,” immersing listeners in a hazy dreamscape of pop and spacious reverb. “Desdemona” serves as a sonic diary, chronicling the complexities of a challenging relationship with an aura so evocative, it could seamlessly find its place within the hauntingly atmospheric ambience of Twin Peaks’ Bang Bang Bar.

This EP serves as a poignant soundtrack to the timeless struggle of concealing heartbreak. With three distinct tracks, each featuring different groups of musicians, the release follows the chronological order in which the songs were written, offering a glimpse into YUMI’s growth as a songwriter.

The meticulous mixing and mastering of the EP were expertly handled by Owen Penglis (known for his work with Straight Arrows), while the track “Desdemona” was produced in the United States by the talented Lachlan West (associated with The Griswolds and The Vines).

At the tender age of 10, YUMI fearlessly embarked on her extraordinary musical odyssey, igniting her passion for the art form by co-founding her very first band, Electric Prime Minister. Nestled within the vibrant Kings Cross Conservatorium, YUMI found herself immersed in a creative hub where melodies danced through the air, inspired by the iconic instruments that had once graced the hands of legends like Kim Gordon and Courtney Love. Her precocious talent led her to grace the stage of the legendary Annandale Hotel for her inaugural performance. From there, YUMI continued to immerse herself in the music scene, joining various bands and capturing the attention of industry insiders during her tenure with Sincerely Sonny. However, the fickle nature of the industry caused tensions within the band, leading to their unfortunate dissolution.

Reflecting on her experiences, YUMI found herself at a crossroads, weighing offers and interest from representatives at esteemed labels like EMI and Wonderlick. Faced with the pressure to conform to the industry’s preconceptions, she resisted the notion of being confined to a bedroom with a laptop, determined to prove her musical prowess beyond the confines of digital production. As YUMI confidently states, “I know how to jam.”

YUMI’s artistic sensibilities draw inspiration from feminine icons such as Dusty Springfield and Nico, as well as the indie guitar sounds of the 60s and 80s. Additionally, her admiration for 60s girl groups like The Ronettes and The Cookies permeates her recent releases, their influence serving as a sonic foundation for her musical expression.

Intriguingly, YUMI’s early influences reverberate through her latest musical offerings, providing a glimpse into the timeless beauty and allure of her sound. As she continues to forge her artistic path, listeners are invited to embark on a nostalgic journey through the evocative melodies and enchanting harmonies that define YUMI’s distinctive musical style.

YUMI’s storied history reads like a modern-day Twiggy, with a colourful and diverse background in the creative realm. Not only has she lent her striking presence to numerous music videos, but she has also been the face of brands associated with her friends, including Cowboy Malfoy, Bliss, and The Rellies. From a young age, YUMI embarked on a successful modeling career, collaborating with renowned brands such as Toni and Guy Australia, The Marta Idea, Cleavland On Oxford, and The Sposa Group.

Immersed in the vibrant Sydney music scene, YUMI has become a seasoned performer, gracing core venues like the Oxford Arts Factory, Paddo RSL, Mary’s Underground, and Lansdowne. Her stage presence and musical prowess have solidified her status as a fixture within the local music community. With her multifaceted talents and extensive experience, YUMI continues to make her mark in both the worlds of music and fashion, captivating audiences with her undeniable charisma and artistic versatility.


The highly anticipated ‘Better Without You’ EP finds its home with the legendary punk rock indie label, Damaged Goods Records UK, known for their association with influential acts like the iconic Buzzcocks. YUMI’s partnership with this revered label further solidifies her position within the indie  pop realm that continues to shape the landscape of indie dream pop-infused music.

With “Better Without You,” YUMI establishes herself as a force to be reckoned with, an artist unafraid to delve into the depths of her emotions and weave them into sonic landscapes that resonate with listeners.  YUMI’s music serves as a poignant reminder that true beauty lies in embracing one’s authentic self and expressing it unapologetically through art.

As the final notes of “Better Without You” fade away, one thing becomes clear—YUMI’s EP is a testament to her artistry and the depth of her creative vision. With a beguiling tapestry of sound, she invites us to explore the intricate nuances of human emotions, the power of resilience, and the beauty that can be found even in the midst of heartbreak. YUMI’s EP is a captivating journey, and it leaves us eagerly anticipating what she will bring forth in the future as she continues to captivate audiences with her mesmerizing music and captivating presence.

Catch YUMI at the launch of “Better Without You” at the Chippo Hotel Thursday 29th June. Tickets here.


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