Hope and anger: Molly & The Krells run us through their Losing Friends EP

Just last week Sydney’s Molly & The Krells dropped Losing Friends, an epic new EP tinged with rejection, adulthood, and a smattering of hope. It’s a deeply engaging listen start to finish – one we had to find out more about.

So we asked the band to run us through the brand new EP, one track at a time. Here’s what they came back with.

molly & the krells losing friends EP

Losing Friends explores the concept of discovering who your real friends are when the chips are down, realising that actions speak louder than words – and that it’s ok to lose a few battles along the way if it helps you win the war.


We wanted something hard, fast and angry to open the EP, so we looked over the songs ready to record and it was a no brainer that this was THE one.

The idea came from looking out at which trends are hitting different scenes within our music industry, our not wanting anything to do with them and how ‘fitting in’ ultimately comes at a cost – the most common casualty being one’s mental wellbeing.

Gaslight Anthem

An observational song sang from the perspective of guys that are dicks to women for no reason other than to make themselves feel better about their own insecurities. It stems from a very hot topic at the moment and came to fruition after seeing these situations happen left, right and centre to the people around us.

Hate Yourself

This is a classic break-up song with a ‘fuck you’ kind of bridge. It all just came out really quickly; we had the chorus, then we had the verses before we knew it, and after a few drinks we had the bridge.

Trying to fit music to it, we tried to push our boundaries and not just write another fast 185bpm punk track, purposely keeping the song basic and uncomplicated to let the lyrics shine and deliver. This is what we came up with.

Fake Friends

We got the title of the EP from the chorus of this song; it’s a Joan Jett tune that fit perfectly in with the theme of where the band is going with the EP. Jett is one of our idols and epitomises ‘cool’ for us.

With such killer lyrics, we just amped up the music and came out with a two and half minute version.

What About Tomorrow

This one came together at the last minute. We intentionally tried to put together a less aggressive track about how easy it is to lose sight of all the great things that can come from a healthy relationship when every time you try, it ends up toxic and damaging for both sides.

It made perfect sense to finish the EP with a song that carried a little more of a sense of hope than anger – none of these songs would sound anywhere near as good without Hayden McGoogan in the producer’s chair.


Catch Molly & The Krells live on their EP launch tour:

Oct 4th – Vineyard, St. Kilda
Oct 5th – Last Chance, Melbourne
Oct 6th – Dicey Riley’s, Wollongong
Oct 26th – The Chippo, Sydney
Oct 27th – The Leeton Hotel, Leeton