Molly & The Krells share blistering new Losing Friends EP

Molly & The Krells share blistering new Losing Friends EP

Ever since they released their Relationshit EP last year, we’ve known that Molly & The Krells aren’t the kind of band that fuck around.

They belt out an unapologetic brand of rock music that’ll smack you right in the head. Now the band have shared their blistering new EP Losing Friends.

Losing Friends, the unapologetically epic new EP from Sydney four-piece Molly & The Krells, is an all out smack to the head. Such an experience never felt so good.

Made up of lead vocalist and bassist Blake Cateris, guitarist and vocalist Hayden McGoogan, guitarist Ian Knighton, and drummer Christian Scanu, Molly & The Krells bleed out a hellish type of punk that successfully navigates some pretty weighty topics.

On their new EP, the Sydney four-piece stomp through a brutal blend of punk, alt-rock and grunge to deliver an abrasive sound that belongs entirely to themselves.

EP opener Rejected kicks the album into existence with crunching guitars, bone-rattling drums, and vitriolic vocal delivery. “I’d rather be rejected than respected,” they sing.

As they move into Gaslight Anthem, the band present possibly the most anthemic song on an EP full of punk rock anthems.

By the time What About Tomorrow reaches its epic conclusion, you’ll have been completely captivated by the searing sounds of Molly & The Krells.

Do yourself a favour and listen to the EP above.