5 Japanese electronic artists to space out to: A playlist by Spacecadet Lullabies

Later this month, for the first time since 2010, Melbourne-based producer Spacecadet Lullabies will return with new music. We’ve already been treated to one track from the new EP… and judging by its quality, we’re in for plenty more great material.

Ahead of the release, we caught up with the artist for a selection of tunes that are perfect for kicking back and spacing out to.

Shortly before the release of his new EP Gardens, we caught up with Melbourne producer Spacecadet Lullabies for a list of 5 Japanese electronic artists that are perfect for spacing out to.

Rei Harukami  

My friend Noko Washiyama who did the artwork for my new release Gardens introduced me to the music of Rei Harakami. There is a sense of warmth joy, beauty and gentleness in his compositions.

Check out his delicate re-interpretation of the track Owari no Kisetsu by Haruomi Hosono


A nice gentleman from Warszawa Records in Japan recommended this album to me. It features some stunning rhythmic ambient textures that are created by guitars that ping pong across the stereo field in unexpected and clever ways.

Keiichi’s approach to the sonic architecture of each track creates environments that are spacious and comforting. Check out the track 2.


Keigo Omayda is one of the most interesting and exciting producers I have ever heard. He creates music that moves across, fun, beautiful, sensitive and contemplative sonic landscapes.

The video clips and live shows are pretty incredible too. Check out the track Wataridori. 

Susumu Yokota

I was introduced to the music of Susumu Yokota during a workshop run by Butoh artist Yumi Umiumare. When I heard his music for the first time, it kind of knocked me sideways because of attention to detail to the sonics and compositional devices.

There is a comforting, slightly dark feel to his ambient works. Check out the track Kodomotachi. 


This is a another find from Warszawa Records in Japan. Sawako’s pieces are often subtle yet texturally dense soundscapes that never fail to alter how I feel.

This track is my go to for times when I need to clear my head. Check out the track Wind Shower Particle

Pre-order Gardens here.