PREMIERE: Valen kick ass on their debut EP Bottoms Up

There are a few different ways bands can approach their debut release. Some bands opt to ease into their sound, keeping things nice and subdued. Other bands opt to kick ass straight out the gate with a blistering, full-formed sound.

Sydney outfit Valen definitely fall into the latter category. And we’re stoked to be premiering their debut EP Bottoms Up for you today.

On their explosive and infectious debut EP Bottoms Up, Sydney four-piece Valen make one hell of a first impression.

Made up of bassist Asher Besser, drummer Isaac Matos, lead guitarist Thomas Rusin, and lead vocalist Vanessa Parisi, the four-piece belt through a unique brand of infectious rock music that’ll stick in your head for weeks.

EP opener Midnight Guest is a straight-up slice of no-bullshit rock n’ roll that tears through crunching guitars and energetic vocals. With chanted backing vocals, this track is an anthem made for live performance.

The EP’s punchy centrepiece Humble Cherry Pie rips through explosive riff work that’ll turn your brain inside out. The track navigates old-school rock vibes, while still feeling completely fresh.

By the time Average Joe reaches its blues-driven conclusion, you’ll have been completely torn apart by Valen’s debut EP. Here’s hoping we don’t have to wait long for more from this Sydney band.

Do yourself a favour and listen to the new EP above, and catch the band live at their EP launch on October 4th at The Factory Theatre in Marrickville. More info here.