Watch St. Vincent shred some Nirvana, Led Zeppelin and Hendrix riffs

We all know St. Vincent is one of the coolest leading ladies in music, and she’s just revealed some of the iconic guitar riffs that changed her life.

The empirical iconoclast has made waves with her fusion of soft and experimental rock since her debut in 2006 and is adored by millions.

St. Vincent revealed that riffs from iconic artists such as Nirvana, Led Zeppelin and Jimmy Hendrix have greatly impacted her as a musician.

The artist recently starred in a video with BBC highlighting an acoustic rendition of riffs including Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit, Led Zeppelin’s Black Dog, Jimi Hendrix’s Manic Depression, the Breeders Cannonball, Jethro Tull’s Aqualung, and more.

St. Vincent also performed various riffs from MASSEDUCTION, as well as Pantera’s Cowboys From Hell and Tool’s Forty Six & 2.

Watch the video below.

St. Vincent’s most recent studio album, MASSEDUCTION was released in October 2017 and received universal acclaim for its unique soundscapes and expression.

MASSEDUCTION was St. Vincent’s first album to feature in a top ten position when debuted in the Billboard 200, selling 29,000 units in its release week and was said to encompass Clark’s more personal themes and events spanning her career.

Speaking to Billboard she shared:

“every record I make has an archetype. Strange Mercy was Housewives on Pills. St. Vincent was Near-Future Cult Leader. Masseduction is different, it’s pretty first person. You can’t fact-check it, but if you want to know about my life, listen to this record.”

“Culmination of years of writing, with songs crafted from voice memos, text messages, and snippets of melodies that came to Clark while travelling the globe.”

Via Pitchfork.