Introducing the sprawling, uplifting sounds of The Night

Based out of Sydney, The Night craft incredibly endearing indie-folk tracks that wrap themselves around your body. They’re simultaneously epic and heartfelt; an unusual balance between cinematic energy and melancholy.

It’s an interesting duality that gives their music a sense of authenticity. Never too grand for its own good, and never failing to be an exciting listen.

On their most recent album Question Everything, Sydney group The Night have dug a deep rabbit hole – one you’ll have no issues travelling down.

The Night have been making music together for a number of years now… and it shows. There exists a synergy between members that oozes out in their boundless soundscapes.

As they traverse through airy instrumentation and driving vocal hooks, the band craft sprawling sonic spaces you’ll easily lose yourself within.

The first track of theirs I heard was You Got It, Kid; a woozy folk number that’ll tear your heart apart and stitch it back together all in the space of its five minute duration. Immediately I was hooked by their unbounded sounds.

Their most recent album Question Everything is brimming with songs of this nature.

Lead single Pull Out All The Stops is a vibrant and punchy indie pop-rock hit that you’ll immediately fall in love with, while the album’s opener Intentions is a slow-burning piano ballad that’ll float around your head before grounding itself in thumping percussion and anthemic vocals.

With ten huge tracks, Question Everything is a deep rabbit hole you’ll have no issues travelling down. We guarantee you’ll come out the other side feeling weightless – reborn in the bright, sprawling sounds of The Night.

Do yourself a favour and listen to the new album above.

Catch The Night live at The Long Jetty Hotel, NSW for their album launch. More info on that show here.