Moog Have Slyly Been Posting Exceptional Tutorials for the Mother-32
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Moog have slyly been posting exceptional tutorials for the Mother-32

Last year Moog released the Mother-32, an analog synthesizer marketed as a semi-modular beast which packed a punch for its size.

Garnering unanimously great reviews in the wake of its release, it’s clear the gear community ate up this machine. But for those a little less versed in the nitty-gritty of (semi) modular synthesis, Moog have been pushing out a series of tutorial videos to lend a hand.

A little intimidated by the Moog Mother-32? Cover the basics before you buy with this awesome series from the makers themselves.

It only makes sense that a company like Moog would re-invest in new modular synth creations. With Eurorack taking off in recent years and with a slew of synth companies, new and old, diving into the modular (or semi-modular) scene, Moog, the OG modular synth is back to show the world how it’s done.

Despite the fact that the Mother-32 is nowhere near the same size as its illustrious forbears in the beginning of the synth age, Moog has packed an intuitive workflow into this new mini-synth—as is evidenced by these tutorials.

There are five episodes out there so far covering the sequencer, ratchets, gate length, LFO basics and how to get multiple voices on the synth.

Check out the first video in the series below, and head to Moog’s Youtube channel for the rest.