Single Premiere: SHEARS ‘Figure Me Out’ a total electronic Moog mood

SHEARS delivers “Figure Me Out” with enough Moog Subsequent base to die for.

SHEARS, the talented electronic artist hailing from Leith, Edinburgh, is making a welcome return to the spotlight.

She’s offering us a sneak peek at her upcoming EP, set to drop early next year.

shears figure me out single release

SHEARS takes inspiration from notable electronic artists like Caribou, Georgia, and Marina, establishing her distinct presence in the electronic music scene.

In her latest release, “Figure Me Out,” along with an intriguing remix, SHEARS demonstrates her evolving artistic vision.

What distinguishes SHEARS is her remarkable one-woman live setup, where she skillfully incorporates samples, percussion, synths, effects, and live vocals.

This approach aligns her with the contemporary wave of innovative electronic artists who are making their mark on the music scene, much like Montgomery and Grimes.

The track is a rare gem, celebrating the feeling of being understood without words. Its infectious rhythms and melodies envelop you in that sense of connection, making for a genuinely captivating listen.


SHEARS’ production skills shine in “Figure Me Out.” She shares insights into her creative process, explaining how she used a Moog Subsequent 37 to craft the bass parts and added depth through double-tracking – one through a DI and the other via a compact amp.

This meticulous approach results in a rich and textured sound that’s hard to resist.

“Figure Me Out” invites us into her world, where every note resonates, and every beat tells a story, and if this single is any indication, SHEARS’ forthcoming EP release in February 2024 is set to be an exciting dive into the world of electronic music.

Keep an eye on this rising star – she’s definitely one to watch.