Moog Mariana, The freshest, deepest digital bass beast from Moog

Dive deep into basslines with Mariana, Moog’s newest bass synth software, as low and extensive as the namesake Trench. 

As an avid electronic producer and enthusiast, Moog needs no introduction, especially when it comes to synths. The East Coast brand founded by the father of modern synthesis, Bob Moog, is forever present in music technology.

Providing increasing access to their iconic products via virtual instruments and plugins, Moog is constantly opening DAWs (lol) to their magical models and effects available for iOS, macOS and Windows. 


Moog has just released their latest, exclusive bass synthesiser, Mariana. Yes, this new virtual instrument’s name equals the lowest and deepest oceanic trench, the Mariana Trench. So you can already imagine the immeasurable low-end power of this digital bass machine. 

Let’s take a plunge into the ocean depths of basslines! Framed as “the Next Evolution of Moog Bass”, Mariana is their newest digital synthesiser. Available as both desktop and iOS software, Moog has provided a modern bass instrument inspired by their classic analogue Minimoog Model D and Minitaur. 


This powerful new synthesiser is super customisable with extensive synthesis controls to sculpt deep bass tones for innovative sound designers, producers and performers across multiple genres. Key features include dual synth layers, modulation functions, and mix bus metering and compression effects in an intuitive interface. 

There is also interconnectivity with Moogerfooger Effects plugins via virtual CV, a massive preset library, and flexibility as a plugin used in your DAW, iPad app and controller via MIDI. 


Jumping into the review. Mariana opens up in a recognisable Moog interface window with the distinct black and wooden synthesiser casing and iconic knobs. It was exciting to explore the plethora of detailed controls.

Upon opening to SYNTH 1, I first discovered the huge library of 201 bass presets covering all genres to get started in your track production or sound design. The presets range from kicks to subs and all bass instruments in between.


I then noticed the cool controls for voicing legato mode, noise colour selection filters and orders for harmonics. 

The oscillator crossover knobs are super unique, as well as the customisable experience of the lowest sub filter parameters. With dual synth layering for SYNTH 1 and 2, the combined oscillator and mixing controls took the exploration of synthesis to another level. 

We were particularly impressed with the built-in output control with metering and compression for separate synth effects and summing bus with saturation, blend, chorus and delay. This mixing section also allowed 3 LFO controls on CNTRL 1 and 2, alongside modulation, delay processing and modes for extra shape, punch and tone for the highest quality. 


Undoubtedly, Mariana fulfilled all my expectations of a classic yet innovative bass instrument from the name brand. This software synth is for you if you’re not set on emulation plugins based on previous hardware models. I was impressed by the weighty tone immediately presented in an approachable interface with a boundless preset library and superior synthesis parameters.

The dual synth layering and custom output control for mix effects, blend, compression and saturation processing add to experiencing the overpowering trough of low end. This beast of a tool for electronic production ensures the omnipresent depth of evolving technology by Moog. 


Moog’s Mariana is now available for introductory prices for MAC/PC software at $49 USD, and iOS in the App Store for $14.99 USD. 

Head over to the Moog website to discover more!