Kingsway find direction on soulful rock single ‘It Is What It Is’

Kingsway have relented to life’s difficulties on It Is What It Is, a soft rock cut that serves as the quintet’s latest single.

Opening with the warmth of acoustic guitar, the track initially coasts on a sparse yet captivating tune, with the simplicity of rustic strums enough to carry the song’s early moments. 

Before long, however, the acoustics make way for something altogether commanding, as Kingsway roar onto the track with an explosion of instrumentation.


Here, punchy drum rolls and more strident guitar melodies take centre stage, as the band delivers classic rock flairs with finesse. There’s a nostalgic quality to It Is What It Is, with the feel of the bygone Australian rock of the late 2010s.

In a music scene now oversaturated with staple indie rock, this single feels like a return to the basics, with sun-drenched guitars and the distinct energy of a Sticky Fingers cut.

The influence of that band is perhaps clearest in the single’s vocals, which are immediately reminiscent of Dylan Frost. 

Kingsway single

Flitting from ascendent whines to guttural broods, the vocal delivery brings with it a raft of tenderness and vulnerability, as Kingsway lay bare their ruminations on uncertainty.

Dissecting the inescapability of life’s ultimate plan with incisive finesse, the band learn to succumb to these higher powers and accept that life is “how it’s meant to be.” 

Adding extra narrative texture, It Is What It Is is written from the perspective of a subject on the cusp of adulthood, further enhancing Kingsway’s affinity for the universal coming-of-age tale of feeling directionless.

Kingsway single

The track was written during the pandemic lockdowns, a period which the band said allowed them to “unleash emotions and thoughts onto paper.” 

While the single is a feat for any band, It Is What It Is feels especially impressive given Kingsway’s relative greenness in the scene.

With just a smattering of (equally stellar) singles to their name, this most recent release ushers in what’s sure to be a breakout moment for the band, who have plans to further develop their artistry in the new year. 


In the meantime, listen to Kingsway’s new single It Is What It Is above and stay tuned to their Spotify below.