Morgan Wallen’s new music gets a release date. Yeehaw!

Country music is having a major day in the sun, and you pretty much can’t turn a corner without seeing Morgan Wallen’s face.

Fans are obsessed with his music (and maybe his hair!), but always curious if there’s new music brewing. With a string of steady hits behind him, including the emotional ballad “Whiskey Glasses,” the party anthem “Up Down” with Florida Georgia Line, and the critically-acclaimed “Wasted on You,” Wallen remains a force to be reckoned with.

After teasing “Lies, Lies, Lies” with live performances throughout 2024, Morgan Wallen has finally announced  the release date for his popular song. Good news for fans, who loved it, so much so,  it’s become a staple at his concerts. He even included a live version on his “Abbey Road Sessions” project in March.

things you dont know about morgan wallen

According to an announcement by Wallen himself, “Lies, Lies, Lies” will be available for streaming on July 4th. The release date coincides with two things: American Independence Day and Wallen’s performance at the BST Hyde Park festival in the UK.

But beyond the chart-toppers, and for those that are asking who is Morgan Wallen, here are eight things you might not know about the country star.

Musical Background: He wasn’t always singing country! Wallen actually got his start playing the violin and piano at a young age at the tender age of five and followed it up with piano lessons at seven. This classical background might help explain the emotional depth and surprising melodies found in some of his country hits.

Reality TV Tryout: Before making it big, Wallen tried his hand at reality TV. In 2014, he competed on season 6 of The Voice, landing a spot on Usher’s team. While he didn’t win the competition, it was a valuable stepping stone in his musical journey.

Athletic Aspirations: While music now takes center stage, his childhood dream was actually on the baseball field. An avid athlete throughout his youth, he had his sights set on a professional baseball career. However, a pitching injury forced him to reevaluate his path, ultimately leading him to music.

Chart-Topping Success: Wallen achieved the impressive feat of being the first country singer to reach number one on the Billboard Hot 100 with his hit song “Last Night” In 2021. This achievement not only solidified his place in country music but also demonstrated his crossover appeal to a wider audience.

Family Man: Beyond the fame, this country star is a dedicated father to his son, Indigo Wilder Wallen. Balancing fatherhood with a demanding music career is no easy feat, but he prioritises his role as a dad, offering a glimpse into a more personal side of the country star.

Morgan Wallen in the News

Chair Incident: Let’s clear up some rumours. Did Morgan Wallen go to jail? Yes Morgan Wallen was arrested in April for throwing a chair from a rooftop bar in Nashville. He was charged with disorderly conduct and reckless endangerment. Thankfully, no one was injured.

Tattoos: Does Morgan Wallen tattoo others? Kind of….if you consider drawing an original tattoo for a fan, then that said fan getting that tattoo, then yes. Curious about Morgan Wallen’s stance on tattoos? Check out the video linked below to hear his thoughts!

Haircut Frenzy: Fans went wild over the Morgan Wallen haircut! The internet buzzed with talk of the change, leaving many reminiscing about his previous long hair. Wether you are into the morgan wallen long hair look, or the morgan wallen short hair look, he’s still the same legend he ever was.

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