Post Malone & Morgan Wallen’s ‘I Had Some Help’ is breaking all sorts of records on Spotify

The surprising collaboration between Post Malone and Morgan Wallen is making waves on Spotify!

Post Malone’s latest track, “I Had Some Help,” featuring Morgan Wallen’s hit the airwaves on May 10th and quickly became a sensation, breaking Spotify’s record for single-day streams of a country song with a whopping 15.9 million plays globally.

Just when you thought that was news enough, “I Had Some Help” also clinched the title for the most single-day streams of any all-male collaboration, across all music genres.

Described as a total “uptempo earworm,” it’s clear this tune is striking a chord with listeners far and wide. While the lyrical content remains a mystery, one thing’s for sure – it’s got that infectious quality that screams summer anthem.

Post Malone has been dropping hints about his interest in country music, and teaming up with Wallen seems to be the perfect match. With Wallen’s established fanbase in the country scene and Malone’s massive following, “I Had Some Help” is pretty much geared up to take over the charts.

This milestone comes at a time when streaming services are more competitive than ever. It just proves the magic of collaboration and how music has the incredible ability to bring people together, regardless of genre or geography.

Long live collabs!