Kick start your week with Happy Mag’s Monday Mixtape

It’s Monday, but don’t fret! Happy Mag is here to soundtrack your week with our curated mixtape

Each week, we dig into the freshest tracks hitting the airwaves, featuring both rising Aussie stars and international acts we can’t get enough of.

So, crank up the volume and wrap your ears around some fresh finds found only on Happy Mags mixtape.

jet city sports club sunny time

Aussie Gems:

We’re starting strong with the infectious energy of The Future Thrills single, “Look Up”. This sweet lil track, alongside Lazy Dingo’s indie rock anthem “I’ll do it tomorrow” and Bad Weather’s poppin rock gem ‘You!’  is guaranteed to satiate all of your Mixtape Monday music needs.

For those seeking something a little chiller, check out Maddie Jackaway’s “Kindred” or  Jet City sports Club’s “Sunny Morning” –  tracks that showcases their incredible vocals.

International finds:

Across the globe, from drexel is making waves with their latest offering, “knucklecut”. This alt-indie masterpiece will leave you wanting to delve deeper into their discography.

Rett Smith single 'Sunsets' mixtape

If you’re craving some classic electro pop vibes, don’t miss Tobasco’s “Lemonade”. This catchy tune is a throwback to the golden age of electro pop and is sure to put a smile on your face.

Bonus Beats:

Keep your eyes peeled for Rett Smith’s single, “Sunsets”. This gem is about to explode, and you heard it here first on Happy Mixtape!

This is just a taste of what Happy Mixtape has to offer. Every week, we’ll curate a fresh selection of tracks to keep your ears buzzing. So, stay tuned, hit shuffle, and let the good tunes flow!