Sonia Serin’s poignant new track ‘Dust Settles’ explores the aftermath of sexual violence

Sonia Serin has tenderly explored the ruins left by sexual violence on her haunting new single, ‘Dust Settles’. 

A collaboration with her friend and producer Rob Parolin, the track has been in the works for over a year, and arrives today with a poignant message and evocative production.

Driven by a propulsive drumbeat and melancholic guitar melodies, ‘Dust Settles’ initially forefronts Serin’s vocals, which sound notably raw as she lays bare the toils of family violence. 

Sonia Serin 'Dust Settles'

Serin adds richness to every corner of the track, delivering twinkly piano keys and electric guitar flourishes to deepen the soundscape at any given moment.

Stacked harmonies reach heavenly and soul-stirring heights, before echoed vocal riffs bring a sense of spaciousness to the track’s triumphant chorus.

Later, ‘Dust Settles’ ventures into classic rock territory, with strident guitar sections and thunderous percussion making way for a blissful yet impactful outro. 

Much of the track’s evocative feel is owed to Serin’s voice, which commands attention through the sheer force of emotion. She transitions from airy ascendance to striking belts with finesse, adding sonic contours to her already incisive lyrics.

Sonia Serin 'Dust Settles'

It’s here that the singer-songwriter’s pen can really shine, as she sketches a portrait of the experience of sexual violence victim-survivors. Serin makes mention of spinning rooms and feeling “alone in the dark.”

It’s a story marked by the inescapability of a situation, as Serin explores the voice of victim survivors and strives to triumph to overcome hardship.

She finds solace by the song’s end realising that “somehow, everything will be ok,” as the dust finally settles on her adversities. 

It’s a poignant and timely message, and one that was birthed from recent news stories in Australia. ‘Dust Settles’ is an example of music as a force for social commentary, delivered with tact and a clear ear for transformative sounds. 

Watch the music video for Sonia Serin’s new single ‘Dust Settles’ above, and scroll down to listen on Spotify.