Sanctuary Drive are stained by their choices on alt-rock single ‘Ink’

Goulbourn-based band Sanctuary Drive pair powerful storytelling with stirring alt-rock grooves on their new single ‘Ink’. 

Sanctuary Drive have detailed the consequences of bad habits on their stirring new single, ‘Ink’. The track marks the Goulbourn-based band’s first release of 2024, and sees them reflect on the stains left by bad choices with the assist of groggy, alt-rock sounds.

‘Ink’ opens with lilting rhythms and a raw vocal performance, before swelling drums and screechy guitars make way for a belting chorus. In its quieter moments, ‘Ink’ is carried by sparse instrumentation and almost lullaby-like pacing.

Sanctuary Drive 'Ink'

It’s in these verses that Sanctuary Drive bring a sense of intimacy and vulnerability, but it isn’t long before the band reach thunderous, pure-rock levels.

The quartet bare their teeth on the chorus, which erupts with soaring vocals, clashing cymbals and the kind of head-thrashing bass that feels purpose built for a mosh pit. 

The band’s ability to dial up the energy when required, while also slowing down on the verses, makes for a consistently engaging listen, and showcases their knack for both soft and hard rock stylings.

Later, fuzzy surf-rock flourishes soundtrack the sweeping outro, brought to life by chanty vocals and jazz-inspired guitars.

Sanctuary Drive 'Ink'

It’s a testament to Sanctuary Drive’s talent that these versatile and dynamic sounds can come together so seamlessly, but they also possess a clear skill for lyricism. 

Here, the band muse on how bad habits can taint both themselves and those around them. These habits leave them with “ink all over my skin,” comparing the consequences to “picking at your skin.”

By the song’s end, the lingering effects of bad habits have reached the point of no return, as the band lament how there’s “ink everywhere I’ve been.”

It’s an impactful message brought to life by the track’s stirring sound, and it highlights Sanctuary Drive’s knack for powerful storytelling. 

With a killer release like this, it’s hard not to feel as though Sanctuary Drive are on the cusp of a breakout moment. Catch them ahead of their ascent with the new single ‘Ink’ below.