New Music Friday: JessB, St. South and more

As the sun sets on the first work week of winter, we’re finding the heat with a new edition of new music Friday. 

This week’s batch of new music includes homegrown heroes and international stars, ripper singles and fresh EPs. By now we hope you already know the drill, so pop on some head phones and dig into this killer assortment of new music.

new music friday St. South
Credit: Suzanna Gaunt

‘Left My Keys’ — The Cults

The Cults share the second single from their upcoming album, an ethereal cut titled ‘Left My Keys’.

Driven by a hypnotic backbeat and shimmering synths, the track is “about growing up and feeling like you’re being left behind,” The Cults’ Madeline Follin says. 

‘Force Field’ — Split System

Frustrations about dead-end jobs fuel ‘Force Field’, the new single from Melbourne/Naarm band Split System. Toxic bosses best avoid this teeth-baring track, which has quickly become a crowd favourite for the five-piece. 

‘The Machine’ — Little Hag

Little Hag channels her love for sex toys into ‘The Machine’, the first taste of their just-announced album ‘Now That’s What I Call Little Hag’.

“This song is about… how a vibrator is more satisfying than any man,” bandmate Avery Mandeville said. And it’s every bit as titillating as you’d expect. Switch on below. 

‘A Beach of Nightly Glory’ — Thin Lear

New Jersey-based artist Thin Lear reconciles his identities as an inward-looking songwriter on new EP ‘A Beach of Nightly Glory’. The warm and vibrant collection was written just as Thin Lear became a Dad, so expect a welcome dose of wholesomeness. 

‘what do you wear’ — Postcards From Pluto

Cheeky and infectious, Postcards From Pluto’s new single ‘what do you wear’ scratches a part of the brain that scientists haven’t even discovered yet. Expect tongue-in-cheek lyrics, NSFW themes and a playful blend of old school indie-rock and Britpop. 

‘BIG SADS’ — St. South

Marking her first new music since 2020, St. South returns in style with sprawling EP ‘BIG SADS’.

The delicately produced collection of alt-indie-pop tracks sees the Sydney-based singer-songwriter mine topics of grief, love, survival and ultimate hope. It’s an emotional rollercoaster that’s well worth the ride. 

‘Commando’ — JessB

While she’s known for her sad bops, NZ’s JessB finally lets loose with the free-wheeling fun of ‘Commando’. This spirit of fun is altogether infectious, more than whetting appetites for JessB’s debut album ‘Feels Like Home’ due out July 5. 

‘Petco’ — Cassandra Jenkins 

Cassandra Jenkins said her new single ‘Petco’ was written “from a pointedly angsty and existential place”, which appears to have paid off in spades.

Rich rhythm sections and fuzzy rock arrangements and surreal imagery form the basis of the track, the latest lifted from Jenkins’ upcoming album ‘My Light, My Destroyer’. 

‘She’s A Street Fighter’ — Maggie Tra

Maggie Tra took inspiration from the street for her new single ‘She’s A Street Fighter’.

The track sees the producer use recordings she gathered from food street vendors in her second home of Vietnam, forming the basis of a tale about strength, joy and migration. High-paced and infectious, Tra’s new single transcends borders. Get swept up in wanderlust below. 

‘Decaf Daydream’ — Water Street

North Jersey’s Water Street are serving up a slice of introspective sunshine with their new single “Decaf Daydream.” The track wrestles with feelings of self-doubt and longing, wrapped in a blend of upbeat melodies and mellow nostalgia.

Playful coffee puns pepper the lyrics, adding a touch of whimsy to the song’s daydreamy soundscape – perfect for kicking back on the beach or sipping cocktails under the summer sun.