Morning Harvey share their tour diary

Brisbane lads Morning Harvey have recently been on the road with old mates The Jensens in support of their latest EP love&loveand. We’ve already seen what The Jensens got up to, now it’s the headliner’s turn to share some anecdotes and choice pics from their hectic tour, with captions courtesy of Spencer White.

Cocks, beers, dumpsters and guitars; just another stellar tour for Morning Harvey. Check out all the action from when the boys hit the road!

Morning Harvey tour

The Jensens kicking things off at Solbar on the Sunshine Coast. You couldn’t meet a nicer soundguy than Brian who runs the joint.

Morning Harvey tour diary

Nathan and Sira after the Northern show. Feeling real chipper.

Morning Harvey tour diary 7

Accommodation in Melbourne was top notch. Pictured- Lewis.

Morning Harvey tour diary 6

Myself and Steve and a glow of Jackson our Drummer.

Morning Harvey tour diary 5

Brisbane show at the Elephant was a real cracker.

Morning Harvey tour diary 4

An after show snap of myself, Steve and Bodi (The Jensens). At the Northern, Byron Bay. Bodi had really given his Rosso Dolce’ goon sack a punishing. Big, luscious, purple lips. It looks like I’m beginning to form a lazy eye and Steve has got the giggles.

Morning Harvey tour diary 2

A nice dumpster shot out the back of Solbar after the show.

Morning Harvey tour doodles

A newly found talent of Lewi’s. I think he’s captured everyone pretty well.

Morning Harvey Spencer White)

A black and white shot of us at The Shebeen, Melbourne.