PREMIERE: Some bands can’t deal with touring. Not The Winter Gypsy, and they’ve preached their love of the road with their newest video for Phases

Celebrating a successful year together as a band, The Winter Gypsy have dropped a brand new single and a music video to match. The track is Phases, and it’s the second single they’ve released off their debut EP Page 1.

The delightful folk tune combines gentle campfire guitar strumming with an up-tempo drumbeat. Some dreamy vocal licks fill in the gaps, with hints of Jack Steadman of Bombay Bicycle Club coming through.

The unique blend of the band members’ musical identities brings the piece together with a series of resonant and peaceful overtones.

winter gypsy

Filmed on tour, The Winter Gypsy’s sunny new clip for Phases is a feel-good acknowledgement to the esteemed Aussie road trip.

The song is broken into alternating sections of tranquillity and pandemonium, the soothing sounds of intimate guitars and appeasing vocal lines contrasted with high-energy folk chaos conjured up by the full-on drum sounds. These two contrasting vibes are perfect to describe the year of lazy road tripping as well as sold out gigs.

In a recent interview that front man Tushar Singh did with Happy, he said that “[the band members] are all into different genres of music ranging from folk, indie, rock, jazz, progressive rock to electro. We managed to put in our own individual sound into the record.”

The range of genre interest within the band can be heard in Phases, as the band experiment with different textures and rhythmic devices.

The six-piece band from Adelaide have had a very busy time over the last 12 months and the music video for Phases shows that off. It’s a compilation of footage taken on their adventures together, which includes meeting an adorable baby kangaroo*, plenty of memorable gigs with funky instruments, extreme long boarding and some jaw dropping scenery.

The perfect song to listen to while you reflect on a nostalgic road trip, Phases is a stunning tribute to just how much fun the tour life can be. The band have opened for acts like Tash Sultana, Little May and Harts, as well as selling out a few headliner gigs thanks to their loyal fan base.

With hopes of heading to more places around Australia, as well as hoping to take their indie folk vibes international one day, The Winter Gypsy ones to watch out for, and we’re hoping their next video diary isn’t too far away.

*Ed: um a joey?