Scomo under fire for racist Facebook ads explaining India travel ban

Morrison’s $2,000 travel ban ad debuts…and flops, as his targeted approach, hails more backlash and racist accusations.

The prime minister released three sponsored videos, two with subtitles in Hindi and Punjabi, directly addressing those of the Australian-Indian community. The videos feature Morrison, explaining the travel ban. However, some view it as damage control for the next election.

The travel policy, prohibiting anyone travelling from India into Australia, has seen 9,000 Australians displaced, and has landed the electoral party in hot water.

Scott Morrison

The ban was initiated based on medical advice due to the high number of Covid-19 cases in India.

However, due to heavy backlash and racism accusations, the temporary travel pause will not extend beyond 15 May, where repatriation flights for stranded Australians will resume, regardless of the COVID situation in India.

Founder of ‘4 Turbans’, Amar Singh, says that the Indian government provides its citizens with limited information, creating more strain and frustration in an already stressful situation. Singh went on to mention that discussion within the online Australian-Indian community revolved around a lack of future support for the Liberal party, “we are not going to vote Liberal next time…That’s not me, that’s not them.

It appears that, in a bid to save his reputation and relations, Morrison is reaching out to India’s Prime Minister to offer help:


The situation in India is dire, to say the least. The lack of available resources, including ICU beds and stretchers, has seen citizens turn to using trees from parks to burn the bodies of the deceased. Additionally, oxygen is being sold on the black market to keep the critically ill alive, and supplies are being hoarded, creating immense panic and shortages in hospitals (Mirror, 2021).

The general dissatisfaction with how the Morrison government is handling the covid crisis is apparent:



Perhaps, instead of spending money on Facebook ads, the prime minister could invest that money into building quarantine centres for recovering covid patients. I don’t know… just a thought?