Morrissey cancels LA show after 30 minutes because it was “extremely cold”

Morrissey told the crowd he was “extremely cold” before exiting the stage, 30 minutes into his show at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles.

On Saturday (November 12), a pissed-off audience at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles saw Morrissey quit his show 30 minutes in, because was feeling a little chilly: “As I think you know, it’s extremely cold,” he said to the crowd.“Can you tell? I can. However, we will steam on. Where to? God knows.”

According to reports, the 63-year-old frontman of The Smiths performed around nine songs in total, before announcing his discomfort due to the weather, and storming off shortly thereafter.

Following his departure, one of his bandmates came back to apologize to the attendees: “Sorry, but due to unforeseen circumstances, the show is not going to continue,” he declared, as audible expressions of disappointment erupted from fans. “Very sorry. We’ll see you next time. Apologies.” Watch the moment take place via the Twitter clip above.