MTG’s new Storyweave card from Kamigawa gives green a huge buff

Are you an Magic: the Gathering player that enjoys slinging saga spells? You’re going to want to take a look at this Kamigawa preview card, Storyweave.

Spellsplingers, Planeswalkers, welcome back to Kamigawa, the plane of Japanese myths, vibrant colour, and now, a sci-fi blend of modernity and futurism!

While all this new flavour and lore is definitely exciting, especially for those who experienced the original Kamigawa block (2004), let’s be honest. You’re probably here to catch a glimpse at the card previews and find the next crazy-powerful card for your deck. Well, don’t fret. Clocked’s exclusive preview, Storyweave, has more than a few tricks up its sleeve for you to exploit.

Image: Magic: The Gathering / Wizards of the Coast

What we know about Kamigawa

Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty is set for global release on February 18th. It follows the previous set, Innistrad: Crimson Vow, which held a particular focus on Vampires and sacrificing creatures. Now, Wizards of the Coast are flipping the switch to a far brighter set.

Based on the previous Kamigawa set, as well as the teasers we’ve seen up to this point, it looks like we can expect the standard format to begin dabbling with some new directions and strategies.

Max McCall, the principal product designer of Wizards of the Coast, revealed that his favourite aspect of Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty is the Dragon Spirit Cycle:“I love the twist that makes them uniquely Neon Dynasty”.

Meanwhile, worldbuilding design manager Meris Mullaley’s favourite aspect of the upcoming set is “the colours” and “vibrant colourful setting”.

We’re absolutely thrilled to check out the new dragons and vibrant colours, but for now, there’s a green instant card named Storyweave we’d like to spotlight. Here’s why.

Storyweave Preview

With artwork by Rovina Cai, Storyweave is an instant spell with a casting cost of two colourless mana and one green. Storyweave’s first option allows you to pump an existing creature, making your opponent’s blocking habits easily punishable. The second option, however, is far more enticing. Not only will it significantly pump any creatures you cast on your next turn, but it will accelerate the speed of your saga cards.

If you’re wondering what saga cards could benefit from this lore counter ramp, you’re absolutely asking the right question. I analysed the existing saga cards to discover where Storyweave operates at maximum potential, and here were some ideas.

Paired with Invasion of the Giants, you’re now casting Giant spells for two less mana by turn three. And of course, paired with Urza’s Saga, you can scan your deck for those busted artifact spells and slam them onto the battlefield faster than ever before. These two suggestions are only scratching the surface of Storyweave’s potential, whether it be the standard meta or a format with a wider range of card selection.

Wizards of the Coast have introduced a really fascinating mechanic to the fold here. We can’t wait to see how deck brewers utilise Storyweave’s unique ability.

Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty is set for tabletop release on February 18th. Find out more here.