Rihanna and A$AP Rocky are pregnant with first baby

Queen Ri Ri debuted her baby bump on a picture-perfect stroll with her boyfriend A$AP Rocky in New York City.

This couple has given us nothing but wholesome lovey vibes since they first got together and now, things about to get a whole lot cuter.

Rihanna wasn’t messing around when she said she had Love on the Brain.


This new addition to the lives of the legendary singer and fashion mogul Rihanna and impeccable rapper A$AP Rocky is the first child for both of them and you just know it is going to be full of musical talent.

While rumours have swirled for a couple of months about Rihanna’s uterus, cause you know tabloids simply cannot get enough of guessing what’s going on in those things, they’ve finally been confirmed.

The couple were photographed over the weekend parading Ri Ri’s beautiful belly in an open coat. It was an obvious statement and one that is oh so welcomed.

The two are clearly killing it, with smooches through the series of photos coming out. In May last year, A$AP Rocky spoke to GQ and said Rihanna is the “love of my life”.


She’s probably the love of our lives as well, between her undeniable talent, her laboured ambition and unyielding generosity. All hail Queen Ri Ri!

We very much look forward to welcoming more royalty into the world.