Experimental hip-hop artist and producer mumph releases full length debut ‘Training Days’

Embark on a mesmerizing sonic odyssey as mumph’s full-length debut, Training Days, intertwines experimental lo-fi, hip hop, and captivating production into an indescribable journey of sound.

Naarm based musician and engineer mumph drops his full-length debut, Training Days. A blend of experimental lo-fi, hip hop and crunched production, the independent release presents an unwavering vision and a clear understanding of why and how this artist has garnered underground acclaim and anticipation for his anthology of projects to come. 

There is no denying the unique artistry and production of mumph. A collection of sounds and textures that only a particularly skilled producer could marry, Training Days is a mixture of rhythmic and experimental elements, decorated with obscure samples that somehow feel in place.


Reminiscent of Tyler, The Creator, tracks like HOTPOT and WANNA are both frustratingly hard to get a hold of and comfortably untameable. The former leans on a rim-shot snare and a descending bass, sprinkled with psychedelic synths and airy percussion. mumph manipulates a variety of vocal samples into the backbone and director of many of his tracks, a feat that he executes effortlessly. 

mumph offers listeners no time to catch their breath; the imperative being to surrender yourself to the ride, or to resist at your own risk. Even the most egregious moments of production have a certain charm; a certainty that there was no other sound or direction that could have possibly been explored to the same level of correctness.

Each and every moment is curated delicately, – or at times, aggressively – leaving no doubt that this is, and always was, exactly how a journey throughout mumph’s sonic plane of existence was supposed to sound. 

There are many standout moments, even just milliseconds, throughout Training Days. There is no hesitation in mumph’s creations. His manipulation of sound is akin to sorcery; every tone and grain bending gleefully to his will.

The entire album feels like one improvised experimentation, as if even mumph has no idea where he may end up next, but trusts that it will be the perfect place. Tracks like the opener GOTS and penultimate TORN flow effortlessly through the valleys of mumph’s psyche, whilst closer TEN feels like a tease of what is possible, and perhaps for what is to come.

There is no doubting mumph; he remains indefinable and unexpected, precise and scattered. 

Stream Training Days here. 


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Review: Caitlin Norris