King Krule’s ‘Space Heavy’: A Subterranean Symphony of Sonic Mastery

King Krule unleashes ‘Space Heavy,’ a captivating fourth studio album that pushes the boundaries of sonic exploration and artistic ingenuity.

In the mesmerizing depths of the subterranean sonic realm, King Krule has unveiled his latest masterpiece, “Space Heavy,” a boundary-pushing opus that cements his status as a true musical luminary.

Released under the XL Recordings / Remote Control banner, this fourth studio album encapsulates the remarkable artistic evolution of Archy Marshall, the enigmatic creator behind King Krule.

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Crafted during the transit between London and Liverpool, where Archy embarked on a dual existence, “Space Heavy” delves into the concept of “the space between.”

It’s a haunted domain permeated by dreams of love, severed connections, and the inevitable loss of people and situations to the merciless whims of the universe. Archy’s arduous commutes served as a muse, inspiring him to explore this ethereal territory with profound fascination.

Once the poignant lyrics took form in Archy’s creative mind, he entrusted the musical development to his trusted collaborator Dilip Harris and his long-time comrades Ignacio Salvadores (the masterful saxophonist), George Bass (the relentless drummer), James Wilson (the soulful bass guitarist), and Jack Towell (the skilled guitarist).

Their collective efforts resulted in a mesmerizing 15-track odyssey that showcases King Krule at the pinnacle of his artistic prowess. With years of experience under his belt, Archy has forged a dynamic and ever-unfolding musical tapestry that unravels new intricacies with each subsequent listen.

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Taking center stage as the focus track of “Space Heavy” is the mesmerizing opus titled “Flimsy.” The track first ignited a frenzy among fans when King Krule unveiled it during his breathtaking performance at Primavera Sound.

The fire continued to spread when exclusive flexi-discs featuring “Filmsier” were made available during King Krule’s coveted SHHH Tour in April. These intimate shows, scattered across the United States, United Kingdom, and Europe, sold out in a remarkable two minutes.

Fan videos of the song surged on YouTube, solidifying “Filmsier” as an instant fan favorite. And now, after a year of anticipation, this sonic marvel receives its long-awaited official release.

Within the realm of “Space Heavy,” one can witness a generational artist fully realizing his creative potential. Archy seamlessly weaves together the distinctive auteurism that defined his debut album, “6 Feet Beneath The Moon,” with the shapeshifting sonic palette that emerged in “The OOZ.” The raw, primal energy of “Man Alive!” finds its rightful place alongside the raw vulnerability expressed in “You Heat Me Up, You Cool Me Down.”

These diverse elements converge to form a seasoned and multifaceted body of work, wherein every layer holds significance and the interplay between negative and positive spaces demands equal attention. To embark on this sonic journey is to wade fearlessly into the depths, where a rich and rewarding experience awaits the intrepid listener.

With “Space Heavy,” King Krule transcends the boundaries of conventional music, inviting us to explore the uncharted territories of sound and emotion.

Archy Marshall’s unwavering commitment to pushing artistic boundaries is on full display, as he fearlessly navigates the cosmic expanse of his own creation.

Brace yourself for an otherworldly voyage through the caverns of King Krule’s soul, where beauty and melancholy intertwine, and the depths of sonic innovation know no bounds.

Check out Filmsier below:

King Krule –  Space Heavy
1. Flimsier
2. Pink Shell
3. Seaforth
4. That Is My Life, That Is Yours
5. Tortoise Of Independency
6. Empty Stomach Space Cadet
7. Flimsy
8. Hamburgerphobia
9. From The Swamp
10. Seagirl
11. Our Vacuum
12. Space Heavy
13. When Vanishing
14. If Only It Was Warmth
15. Wednesday Overcast