Museums have decided to share their creepiest artifacts online

It looks as if museums across the globe are getting bored with all this quarantine stuff. The pleasure of observing their visitors shock at the sight of an unsettling exhibit has been ripped away. Instead, they’ve taken their most disturbing pieces and served them up on social media.

The #CreepiestObject hashtag has gained traction on Twitter as a result, as museums everywhere attempt to one-up each-other with whack shit.…ed-pieces-online/

The #CreepiestObject hashtag is now a thing on Twitter. Museums across the world are locking horns and sharing the creepiest pieces in their collection.

Apparently we can blame England’s Yorkshire Museum for this collection of atrocities. They issued a challenge last week with their prized hair bun from the burial of a Roman woman.

It would seem that their expectations have been easily surpassed. Responses range from a cross-sectioned cat, to the mutated face of a child mannequin.

You can check out our ‘favourites’ below. But be warned, they’re pretty cursed.