Ooooby Organic Food Delivery: part of The Happy Pack

Ooooby is an organic food delivery service based in Sydney, launched in 2013 from a backyard in Newtown. Since then they’ve delivered to over 3,000 residents – that’s 70,000 boxes and counting. All their food is locally sourced, certified organic, and supports local farmers.

They already help a ton of Aussies get their weekly fruit and veggie fix, but soon they’ll be reaching a few more homes thanks to The Happy Pack.

ooooby organic food delivery sydney the happy pack

Sydney’s own organic delivery legends Ooooby are one of the many brands jumping on board The Happy Pack: an initiative for artists in isolation.

The Happy Pack is an initiative involving organisations such as Panhead Custom Ales, Fender, RØDE, Thrills, Happy Mag, and more, aimed at offering a helping hand to creatives in this unexpected and altogether not so chill situation. It’s a box of gifts valued at almost $800, delivered to the front doors of artists in isolation.

On the Ooooby front, each recipient of The Happy Pack will find a voucher valued at $69 each.

Any creative who has lost work during the COVID-19 pandemic is eligible to receive a package, from musicians to photographers to illustrators. Initially deliveries will only be available to Sydney residents, with the mind to expand elsewhere in Australia during the coming months.

The Happy Pack doesn’t pretend to make up for any lost income, but it will give you something to look forward to, something to pass the time, and engage you with a community of like-minded creatives united by this crazy world order.

Check out what you could score in a Happy Pack below, and register your interest to receive one right here.

Every Happy Pack includes:

  • Something to Eat: Food and drink from locally sourced providers
  • Something to Drink: A cocktail, sixpack, or soda to take the edge off
  • Something to Do: Puzzles, board games, garden items, and other ways to kill time in isolation
  • Something to Treat Yourself: Health, immunity, and beauty products for a much-needed self-care moment
  • Something to Inspire: Books, classes, and other means for sustaining creativity at home

Sign up for your chance to receive a Happy Pack here.