Mwansa and Lauren Joy are a match made in heaven on Wildest Dreams

Perth-based songwriter and producer Mwansa has really flexed his artistic muscle on his latest track Wildest Dreams; an uplifting and expansive tune featuring South African artist Lauren Joy.

With intricate guitar melodies, yearning back-up vocals and minimal instrumentation, the song is a soulful piece of musical brilliance, drenched with emotive lyricism.

Australian songwriter and producer Mwansa has teamed up with South African R&B powerhouse Lauren Joy for Wildest Dreams and it’s expansive soulful bliss.

Featuring subtle electronic production, the detailed layers are gradual but all-encompassing, and with climbing instrumentation, Joy’s vocals beautifully soar to greater heights. The song’s message of staying true to oneself and listening intently to that which moves in you is conveyed effortlessly through poetic lyricism; “The song ignited warms my sheets…the only way to see your face is to close my eyes”.

Speaking of the song, Joy shared:

“At first I was pretty nervous, when I eventually received the track, I followed the same process that seems to work for me. Blasted the track with my body stretched out on the floor. Immersing myself in the track, reaching for the words and images it throws my way.

What I love most about my process is that, as much as the process remains the same almost sacred, the words and images that every song gives me is a new story to tell. A story you can relive to your heart’s content.”

Mwansa first made his way into the Australian music scene in 2014, and since then has released a bunch of singles and has worked alongside Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum producer Ariel Chobaz. Lauren Joy is one half of musical duo Saul City and is also co-founder of Project Love and head of clothing brand Urban District Boutique.

We can’t wait to hear more from this power duo, as their individual musical creativity is heightened and extended, solidifying them as a match-made in songwriting heaven.

Listen to Wildest Dreams below: