NASA is hiring new astronauts for trips to the Moon and Mars

Over half a century since the first moon-landing, NASA are now taking applications for the next generation of galactic travellers. By 2024, the US space agency hopes to land the first woman (and next man) on the moon’s surface.

NASA revealed the plans earlier this week with a short video via the agency’s twitter page. Successful applicants will be taking part in the Artemis project. It involves a series of lunar adventures in preparation for an eventual visit to our crimson neighbour, Mars.…-eventually-mars/

NASA is hiring the next generation of astronauts. The Artemis program will involve the next moon-landing missions and, eventually, Mars.

Perhaps you’ve imagined yourself as something of an adventurer. A valiant, brave and noble blazer of trails, thrusting yourself into the upper echelons of human achievement. If that is indeed the case, you should pop a CV into NASA’s office.

There are, predictably, some minimum requirements for the job. Being a ‘self-motivated and hardworking go-getter’ probably won’t cut the mustard in this case.

To be eligible for consideration, you’ll need to hold a US citizenship, as well as a masters degree in a STEM field, such as biology or mathematics.

Meeting these requirements has, in the past, proven not to be out of the question. British-born astronaut Piers Sellers flew on three space shuttle missions after becoming a US citizen, fulfilling a longstanding childhood dream before his passing in 2016. Meanwhile, qualified medical doctors or graduates from nationally recognised pilot programs with over 1000 hours of clocked flight time are also eligible.

A further two years of training awaits the selected few. This involves a gruelling physical program and an education in robotics, as well as learning the Russian language.

If you do happen to meet the criteria and you’re up for one of humanity’s greatest challenges, why not jump on board? Applications are open from March 2-31. Alternatively, if you’re not short on cash, you could fly Virgin Galactic. The spaceflight company has become the first to offer private trips into space to begin later this year.