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Feast your eyes on this recreation of John Frusciante’s pedalboard

John Frusciante’s pedalboard is a landmark in its own right – he’s used it to become one of the most expressive and intricate rock guitarists of the modern era. His evocative use of effects largely informs how his imaginative playing techniques come across on record and live in concert.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist has just rejoined the four-piece outfit and we’re sure we’ll be hearing some of these sweet tones very shortly. But for now, YouTuber and guitarist Kentaro Kiuchi has just recreated Frusciante’s pedalboard with dedicated fanaticism, care and attention to detail.John frusciante pedalboard

He’s been welcomed back into the Red Hot Chili Peppers with open arms. Now YouTuber Kentaro Kiuchi has celebrated by recreating John Frusciante’s pedalboard.

This monstrous pedalboard encapsulates the history of RHCP’s much-loved tones and effects, from the grittier, fuzzed-out sounds of Mother’s Milk to the chorus and Moogerfooger laden riffs of the Stadium Arcadium era.

This spectacle of a pedalboard features John’s two most treasured effects pedals, the Ibanez WH-10 and the BOSS DS-2 Turbo Distortion, which have been a mainstay since day-dot.

Kentaro can be heard playing through songs new and old, weaving his way through the Frusciante repertoire.

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