Nat And Jono run us through each track of We Can Only Laugh

If you haven’t already immersed yourself in the rich folk sounds of New Zealand duo Nat And Jono, we strongly recommend you go listen to their new EP We Can Only Laugh right now.

The EP is a five-track collection of folk magic, and each song is guaranteed to leave an emotional mark on you. So, we asked the duo themselves for a complete run-down of each track.

New Zealand-based duo Nat And Jono give us a complete track-by-track run-down of their incredible new EP We Can Only Laugh.


Hopscotch tells a nostalgic tale of simpler times, when we would busk outside the museum as children and everything was easier and kinder. We want this song to instil a sense of wonder and emotion in listeners, as indicated by the depth of the 6/8 beat.

Six Dollar Shirt

This track is a more serious one which came from a heinous-looking op shop shirt that Nat bought, that she thought was cool but seemingly the rest of the world did not. To us, it is about giving somebody all of yourself but that not being enough. Like Crumbs, Six Dollar Shirt is one you can relax to while feeling the raw emotion portrayed through the music.

Oversized Ring

The name is no lie! Oversized Ring is a song influenced by an Oversized Ring, yes. It was one of Nat’s closet friend’s birthday and she was in a rush to purchase a gift. Nat made her way to a wee jewellery shop in the local mall and bought a plain silver ring. When gifting this piece of jewellery, she unintentionally insulted every single one of her friend’s fingers by buying a ring far too big in size.

Truly though, the piece of music is a song of appreciation and gratitude for the people we stumble across in this large and delightful world. It illustrates specific events and little times of greatness shared with the closest of friends who we are lucky to have.


Constellations was the first single we ever released. Similar to Hopscotch, it’s a song that focuses on the idea of growing up and different experiences we face throughout this journey. The song shares many of our summer memories such as floating down the Avon River on a blow-up air mattress, accidentally crashing Nat’s mum’s car whilst learning to drive and taking a moment every so often to admire and appreciate the stars.


Crumbs is a song of comfort and probably our favourite song of the EP. The song, especially the chorus, is open to interpretation and we hope that it provides listeners with a sense of contentment. For us, the song definitely shines a light on those moments when you just need to take your shoes off and share every single thought you have with a good friend.

We Can Only Laugh is available now. Listen above.