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Native Instruments launches Butch Vig Drums sample pack

Butch Vig Drums is the latest all-star sample pack from Native Instruments, a must-have for fans of saturated drum tones from the harder edge of rock.

Native Instruments has teamed up with a legendary rock producer and drummer to create the Butch Vig Drums sample pack. You’ll get signature drum sounds from the iconic producer and more, with a pack that was recorded by the man himself.

Aside from being the co-founder and drummer of alt-rock faves Garbage, Vig is one of rock music’s most influential producers on albums including Nirvana‘s Nevermind, Smashing PumpkinsSiamese Dream, and Green Day‘s 21st Century Breakdown. This is a guy who knows his way around the kit.

Butch Vig Drums

Butch Vig Drums is a heavy-hitting hybrid drums package with an intuitive workflow, offering great-sounding presets and real-time control. The design is based on Vig’s fondness for old school 16-pad drum machines and aggressive tonal character.

With 21 individual drum kits to choose from, Butch Vig Drums offers 16 one-shots per kit, which Native Instruments describe as “created using Vig’s distinctive approach to percussion heard on his landmark recordings”.

Each kit also comes with 16-preset MIDI patterns, which can be triggered by a MIDI controller or edited within any DAW with a user-friendly drag and drop interface. From there, samples can be further processed using a range of powerful Kontakt insert and send effects.

Butch Vig wants his new drums package to be the new “weapon in your sonic arsenal”. See him run through some signature sounds below and visit Native Instruments for all the details.