Doctors pull snake out of Russian woman who was feeling unwell

Horrifying clip shows a team of Russian doctors pull a snake from a young woman’s mouth after it had slithered down her throat while she was asleep.

As if you needed another reason to stay inside during the pandemic, this new video out of Russia has you covered.

The clip which **disclaimer** is proper gross, shows a snake being hauled from a young woman’s throat by a team of Russian doctors after it apparently slithered down there while she was asleep in her backyard – and before you ask, yes we are never going outside ever again.

snake Russia throat

The 20-second clip is sure to burn your eyes and churn your stomach as a literal (and reportedly still alive) 1.2-metre snake is hauled from the throat of a young woman in Russia.

According to reports, the woman had fallen asleep in her backyard in the Levashi village of the Russian town of Dagestan. She woke up feeling unwell and visited her hospital describing her symptoms.

After being put under general anaesthetic, doctors inserted a tube down her throat to investigate the problem. To their surprise and horror, the medics found what would be a 1.2-metre snake, reportedly still alive inside of her.

The clip circulating on Twitter captures the moment that the doctors tug the snake out of the young woman’s mouth. One of the doctors is heard off-camera saying, “let’s see what it is.” The medic then grabs the snake with a mortified expression, jumping back after comprehending the long length of the reptile, before then dropping it in a bucket.

According to Dagestan locals, these kinds of incidents do happen from time to time in the area, and older residents reportedly advise young people not to sleep outside for this very reason.

Twitter reacted accordingly.

This one really encapsulates our general stance on the whole situation:

Stay safe guys.