Need to relax? Try the zen jazz from Brokers

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A band that helps to chill you out on the day after a big night is a good thing. Brokers, an electronic 4-piece from Adelaide, play music that gives off a zen, jazz vibe with a touch of the vibrant energy of hip-hop.

Three members of Brokers are family, Michael, Ben and Laura Zubreyckj with David Smith making up the quartet. Brokers make a sound that blows Air through Chet Baker’s trumpet. The music isn’t something that will demand your attention but will still give you a welcome distraction from whatever is in your mind.

Brokers Restless

When your day is just a little too much, try the intoxicating electronic-jazz fusion of Adelaide’s Brokers. Jut what you need on a muggy Summer day.

Brokers have had support slots for Flume, Collarbones, Seekae and BadBadNotGood. A performance at PilotFest last year made Brokers a few new fans. Miosis was Broker’s first EP, a step into a world of comfortable sounds and interesting beats. The 6-track EP has influences of Air, Flying Lotus and BadBadNotGood, it is jazz hip-hop on the breeze, a cool feel for a summer’s day.

Resettler, Broker’s latest release, was released early December this year. It was self-produced by the band and is a thoughtfully composed piece of music. There is a life to its cool jazz, a hip-hop that bops and pops in the right places. Imagine dancing on a summer’s day, feeling the wind blowing around, being entwined and enchanted by sensations. Resttler gives off a positivity and hopefulness.

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Throwing Knives has a sophisticated cool to it that sounds like a fleeting romance. Run / Hide (ft Jesse Davidson) is a deep track with music that gives thoughts to the mind. Overview is a trip into an ambient space, a complete distraction from reality. Darkbed pulls the listener in close, giving them a message before letting go into a controlled tumble.

Being a family band has been a challenge for the Zubreyckj’s, with Laura explaining “It was definitely harder in the beginning, we would fight all the time. The reason it didn’t work at first is because we never had to relate to each other in that kind of way – in terms of having a goal and working towards it. But once you settle into that idea, it’s easy as.”

Live, Brokers want to perform for the audience, to give them something worth seeing. “It’s important for the stage to be visually interesting because we’re not a ‘dancey’ band,” says Laura. “There’s a different kind of appreciation for what we do.” Brokers don’t want to be pigeon-holed as an ambient, ‘furniture band’ either. Their music is a bit too complex and well composed to be only for the background.

If zoned out tunes with cool hip-hop beats are your taste, Brokers is an Adelaide band that’s worth checking out.

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