RJT aka Rutherford Jazz Trio Rank the World’s Funkiest Influential/Historical/Political Figures

‘This no fucks given, no shit taken attitude is funk to the core, no doubt about it. Also, great nickname’

The Rutherford Jazz Trio introduces “The Greatest Hits of The Rutherford Jazz Trio” EP, blending genres with ease. This debut release challenges norms, reflecting the quintet’s essence in an enjoyable, albeit unconventional manner.

Beyond the music, RJT playfully ranks influential figures, from Barack Obama’s funktastic rhythms to Greta Thunberg‘s climate activism, each tied to a thematic track. Join The Rutherford Jazz Trio in an exploration of musical dimensions and a nod to the funk in historical figures.

jazz trio

 Obama – fish hat

Few can match the funktastic rythms of Barack Obama. His annual music lists along with the iconic mic drop move cement him as a firm contender for funkiest political leader of all time.

The RJT song that Obama most embodies is Fish Hat, our first release. His affinity for free market economics and consumerism really match the song. Also, we’d give anything to see Barack in a fish hat.

Greta Thunberg – Mother Earth

Polarizing as she may be, no one does it quite like Greta. Her earnest plea for climate action is hard to ignore. An icon for the youth holding up a torch to corruption and greed. Fun-ky.

The RJT song we’ve prescribed for Greta is Mother Earth. Thematic ties aside, some of her most famous moments (how dare you!) embody perhaps the more… angry… elements of the song.

Genghis Kahn – burkina

Ah Genghis. Mass genocide and imperialism aside, pretty chill guy! An enthusiast of horses, murder, and the Mongol Horde, Khan was responsible for more than the largest empire of all time.

His unification of Mongolia also delivered the world what is undisputed as the most universally loved music format of all time: Mongolian Throat Singing and Long Song.

Nothing hits the funk factor quite like it. Genghis Khan’s RJT song is Burkina. I can imagine the warm, cinematic qualities of the track as the soundtrack of the horde’s invasion.

Ernesto “Che” Guevara- new world

Potentially the most iconic modern revolutionary. Che Guevara’s revolution of Cuba was unapologetic and swift. In other words, funky and fresh.

This no fucks given, no shit taken attitude is funk to the core, no doubt about it. Also, great nickname.

His RJT spirit-song is certainly New World. The lyrically revolutionary undertones, the story, and style all speak his language: freedom.

George Washington – one dolla

Another revolutionary, and the first President of the USA. His dream for a new world was strong, but not as strong as his affinity for funky financial systems that landed him a spot on the one dollar bill.

And I may have been swayed by a semi- recent global smash hit musical where in Washington was extraordinarily cool, but he probably dropped mean bars.

For obvious reasons, Washington’s RJT song is One Dolla. It’s fun, financial, and catchy, just like the constitution.