Immerse your good self in The Greatest Hits of The Rutherford Jazz Trio

Rutherford Jazz Trio present the full scope of their genre-obscuring work with The Greatest Hits of The Rutherford Jazz Trio EP.

The expressive debut EP from the hard funk Rutherford Jazz Trio defies expectation at every turn. From its title to the selection of songs that made the cut, The Greatest Hits of The Rutherford Jazz Trio is the impetus of all that makes the quintet great, while remaining delightfully obscure and indefinable. 

Honing their rap style in opening track Burkina, RJT announce themselves with a track that is as malleable as it is danceable, as unforgettable as it is emotive.

Rutherford Jazz Trio

It is this contrast, or rather the combination of elements that highlights the fortitude of the group. 80s style guitar solos and riffs, funkadelic rhythm and a mixture of hard rock style vocals and Australiana rap, Burkina is remarkable and enticing, a perfect blend of stylistic choices to both introduce and invigorate listeners.

Sliding more towards the old school hip hop of the early 90s, New World brings the joy and the energy of a traditionally electric genre, though still with their own taste and imprint, impossible to remove.

Mother Earth explores a desert of sound, ranging from classic rock riffs and piano surges to an epic inclusion of synth, a standout not only for its unique-ness, but for its epic descent into punk rock, conjuring memories of Zeppelin’s Babe I’m Gonna Leave You and My Morning Jacket’s One Big Holiday

Closing out with the jovial One Dolla, RJT call on their performative nature in this spoken word, psych rock infused gem. Amusing and smartly constructed lyrics pulsate over a disco beat, interspersed with electrifying guitar solos that neatly tie together the constant exploration and sewing together of seemingly un–attachable genres.

Listening to One Dolla feels like seeing it live at a festival, watching a sea of heads pogo up and down while RTJ swim between a comedian-esque and stadium rock show performance. 

RTJ have truly collected their greatest hits, and skipping to the end of what is usually an artists final bow, they have subverted the norm by offering theirs as merely a beginning. 

Listen to The Greatest Hits of The Rutherford Jazz Trio below. 

Review By Caitlin Norris.