WATCH: ATHANASIA’s shining gem ‘Bet I see It’

JBL has taken the lead as the chief advocate for emerging artists like ATHANASIA , and we are here for it

In their latest documentary series, “BE HEARD,” JBL has been shining a spotlight on up-and-coming talents. The most recent revelation is the incredibly talented ATHANASIA, and the series has already amassed an impressive 1.5 million views.

ATHANASIA dropped the music video, “Bet I See It,”  yesterday (November 17) a collaboration with the acclaimed producer Audius Mtawarira of Delta Goodrem’s ‘Born to Try’ fame.

ATHANASIA’s latest track,  is a real gem, hitting all the right notes with infectious rhythms and soulful riffs—the kind of stuff that just feels good to create, and even better to listen to.

With vocals wrapped in a bit of smoke and set against a backdrop of opulence, ATHANASIA takes you on a laid-back sensory journey. The soul-pop anthem effortlessly blends alternative-soul and upbeat electronica, radiating positive vibes and warmth.

The video is a testament to the journey — no small feat to write, produce a single, and then jet off to Melbourne for filming with a strict 4-take limit. Yet, that’s the beauty of Athanasia. She embodies a down-to-earth quality alongside some serious star power, creating an intoxicating experience.

ath jbl

Hailing from a background of parents’ CD drives, ATHANASIA’s music is down-to-earth, tapping into those nostalgic vibes.

Her no-boundaries approach to genres, paired with honest lyrics and personal storytelling, gives you a peek into her thoughts.

With ATHANASIA, JBL isn’t just showcasing new talent; they’re introducing a down-to-earth force set to make a mark in the music scene—a genuine celebration of artistry, collaboration, and a plain love for good music.