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Process, and Producers, JBL BE HEARD offers up a rare BTS in a limited doco series

Dive into the world of Athanasia as we uncover music, process, and producers with JBL BE HEARD doco series.

We love a good music doco, a behind the scenes peek into the creative realms, and when JBL dropped the limited series JBL BE HEARD, we snagged a chat with emerging artist Athanasia, to talk about process, and producers.

Being total studio heads, it goes without saying, these are 2 subjects we literally can not get enough of. Make that 3, because music docos are right up there.

Athanasia jbl

Athanasia, a producer and musician hailing outta Sydney, is currently collaborating with JBL on a music series at Studio 301. Yes, 301, the studio that records the likes of Coldplay, INXS, Post Malone and Sir Elton John, to name drop a few.

With a blend of musical chops and a four-year conservatorium education under her belt, to say she is passionate about music is an understatement.

ath jbl

Athanasia’s original style oscillates between soulful pop, disco, and a sprinkle of funk. For her, writing music is like catching a wave – it comes with an unstoppable force, and you ride it until its natural course. In a producer, she seeks not just a match of energy, but a calming presence to stabilize her creativity.

In the first episode, we delve into Athanasia’s world, exploring the genesis of her sound and her foray into working with emerging artists. JBL pulls off a surprise by introducing a guest co-writer, the maestro behind Delta Goodrem’s ‘Born to Try’, Audius, an auditory genius who shares his insights on producing.

His secret ingredients? No pressure, just pure fun, and a deep connection with the emotions you’re trying to convey.

In the second episode of this mini-doc, we get a closer look at Athanasia’s musical journey, and the collaborative aspects of working with Audious.

ATHANASIA’s about to drop a mix of disco and pop in ‘Bet I See It’ this November, but for now, kick back and catch the latest episodes of JBL BE HEARD to see this sonic gem come to life.



Join us as we chat with Athanasia about the creative process, and JBL BE HEARD, going behind-the-scenes to witness the magic unfold.

ath jbl

Artists who inspire you?

There have been so many artists who have inspired me over the years, for a while it has been Amy Whinehouse, her vocals , her music, her lyrics, they are just so beautiful and poetic and she’s quite sassy so inspires me to unleash that sass as well. Currently loving Olivia Dean I think she’s in a similar realm and absolutely inspired by her and her music. 

How long have you been making music?

Writing music since I was 5 or 6, not good music but I wrote nonetheless. I didn’t start releasing music online until I was about 14, so roughly it has been 10 years as I am about to turn 24. I have loved music for as long as I can remember. 

Favourite Producer 

The answer is Audius. What haven’t I learnt from Audius. If you have watched the episodes you can see I am quite a chaotic person, the main thing i have learnt is calmness. How to produce music calmly, he instills patience, trusting the journey, the music, trusting in my artistry – I’ve learnt about being self assured and more confident in my abilities. Audius has a lot of wisdom, let me tell you! 

3 things you have learnt in this journey with JBL

  1. Be consistent with everything, It can be so hard when you feel like you are not being heard or acknowledged but it is so important to keep consistent at writing music, creating and sharing on social media
  2. Numbers don’t always matter, I’ve been caught up so much in followers and listeners but I’ve learnt numbers don’t equate to fans so don’t get lost in the numbers world just keep focusing on the music and let the numbers do their thing in time. 
  3. Vocals, I always thought a vocal take was about the expensive equipment or plugins and fancy studio things but it truly comes down to the vocal performance. Do you really believe what you are singing and do the words emulate what you are feeling. Putting feeling and passion into the lyrics you are singing is what makes a great vocal take.


A series following my journey as an independent artist. Peeling back the curtain on what actually happens when you create music, we hear and see singers and producers saying they are in the studio today, but what does that actually look like? What does that actually mean? It’s about showing the average person what the creative process of an artist is while giving me the access to experts to help craft my own sound that I otherwise might not get access to. 

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Can you give us insider goss about the series that no-one else knows yet? 

I’ll give you five!

  1. Jack River makes an appearance in an upcoming episode and she shared a lot of truth bombs about the Australian Music Industry. 
  2. The song I created during this process has a small feature that sounds like a male vocal.. Fun fact is that it’s actually just my vocals pitched down! 
  3. The one and only, Multi-Platinum Grammy and Aria-winning Leon Zervos from Studios 301 has mastered the song I am releasing in November. Excited by this is an understatement, such a nice surprise! 
  4. This entire series was fueled by fishbowl (not sponsored but would love to be) and KitKats. Every studio day that is what the crew ate. 
  5. I was constantly forced to have Vitamin D breaks, because otherwise I would be in the studio for hours on end… that’s how much fun it was! 

The Song 

My song will be out early November and I can’t wait for you all to hear it. I’m so proud of what I’ve created and the memories I get when I hear this song are full of so much joy and happiness. It genuinely puts me in a good mood when I hear it.

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