Here’s all the reasons to attend Yoke Lore’s upcoming Holy Havoc Australian tour

By now you’re hopefully all informed of Yoke Lore’s upcoming string of Australian tour dates.

The indie-pop star’s run of dates in support of latest album Toward A Never Ending New Beginning will hit Australian shores early next month, and will see Yoke Lore undertake five shows across Queensland, NSW and Victoria. 

Yoke Lore will first perform at Queensland’s The Brightside on October 4, before taking to The Great Club in Sydney the following day (October 5).

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The singer will then perform a second Sydney date at The Lansdowne on October 6, before wrapping up the tour with two successive dates at Melbourne’s Gasometer Hotel (October 7) and Shotkickers (October 8). Click the links on each venue to find respective ticketing information.

If you’re already perusing Happy Mag, you might not need all that much convincing to attend a live gig, but given the sheer brilliance of Yoke Lore’s debut, we’re sounding off on all the reasons you need to get yourself to the Holy Havoc tour next month.

Revel in Toward A Never Ending New Beginning

It might go without saying, but any gig is only as great as its setlist, and given Yoke Lore’s stellar catalogue, Holy Havoc will be nothing short of transcendent.

Released last week, the singer’s debut full-length effort Toward A Never Ending New Beginning is about as triumphant of an arrival as you can imagine.

The project was previewed by the singles Shake, Winona and Hallucinate, which serve as worthy examples of Yoke Lore’s mastery of soft-pop aesthetics and tender lyricism.

Detailing coming-of-age tales and soundtracked by an eclectic palette ranging from quick tempos to acoustic balladry, the album ensures Yoke Lore’s setlist will be a true must-see live experience.  

Debut Australian tour

If nothing else, the fact that the Holy Havoc tour will mark Yoke Lore’s first-ever run of dates in Australia is reason enough to show your support.

With a long list of dates across Europe slated after Australia, it stands to reason that fans should make a case for the country as a live music capital, and welcome the internationally-acclaimed singer with open arms. 

In an interview with Happy Mag, Yoke Lore revealed he doesn’t know what a shoey is, which is all the justification fans need to enact the beloved Aussie pastime during his set. For his sake, be sure to wear your cleanest Nike Air Forces.  


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Distinct visuals

Yoke Lore’s music has always been defined by a distinct visual aesthetic, with a smattering of mesmeric music videos adding texture and storytelling to his songwriting.

Like any great live show, the singer will no-doubt translate that side of his artistry to the stage, and if the brooding live atmosphere of his Shake video is anything to go by, fans are in for a treat. 

Iconic venues

The intimacy of Yoke Lore’s music is reflected in the iconic venues where he’s set to steal the spotlight. Ranging from beloved live gig havens like Sydney’s The Lansdowne to the relaxed bandroom vibes of Melbourne’s Shotkickers, the venues of the Holy Havoc tour read like a list of the country’s best-kept music retreats.       

Yoke Lore 'Toward A Never Ending Beginning'

Because all gigs are awesome… duh.  

Perhaps the major reason to attend Yoke Lore’s tour is simply because live music is (almost) always an unparalleled treat. After years of COVID-striken music events, you shouldn’t need too much convincing to attend one of the hottest tours on the calendar, especially when the material is as good as Yoke Lore’s Toward A Never Ending New Beginning. 

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So, what are you waiting for? Head here to find ticketing and event details for Yoke Lore’s Holy Havoc Australian tour, and listen to his new album Toward A Never Ending New Beginning above.