Needle In The Hay Spotlight: The Monaros – ‘Dunlop Volleys’

With our Needle In The Hay vinyl competition open once more, we’re back to enjoying an esteemed selection of tunes submitted by Australian and New Zealand artists. Every now and then a particular jingle catches your ear though – the latest comes from Warrnambool group The Monaros.

Dunlop Volleys is the song in question, an ode to the (almost) invincible tennis sneaker turned all-rounder footwear we all know and love.

the monaros dunlop volleys needle in the hay

Thanks to The Monaros, you now have a theme tune to sing as you strap on your Dunlop Volleys.

Whether you’re working, skating, kicking your brother in the head, or running from jealous kids, Volleys are as reliable as a shoe comes. The Monaros know this better than most – we’d wager they’ve spent more time with a Dunlop logo on their foot than the rest of Australia put together.

Check out Dunlop Volleys by The Monaros below.

The Monaros themselves have been around the block, a three-piece who’ve been kicking it with the pub rock scene for over 20 years. Band members Jack Richards, Gav Steere, Ned Munday, and Russell Moody share the songwriting duties between them, each bringing their own flavour to the table.

Sometimes they’re classic pub rock, sometimes they’re throwback ’70s hard rock act, but the common denominator is an honest Australian sense of humour. If you can’t find a way to like The Monaros, it’s time to take a long look in the mirror.


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