Ever wanted to get into Neil Young? Here’s an insane archive of his entire career’s work

Following years of preparation, Neil Young’s entire catalogue has been uploaded to the internet in a seriously huge, career-spanning archive of his work.

The Neil Young Archives feature all the artist’s solo work, as well as his work fronting various bands, his work with Crosby Stills Nash and Young, and listings of Young-associated films and books. Unreleased albums Chrome DreamsHomegrown, and Freedom Live are listed on the archives, though are yet unavailable for streaming.

neil young archive

Are you a Neil Young fan? Well today’s your lucky day. His entire catalogue of work has been posted to the internet in an expansive, career-spanning archive.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan, or someone simply looking to explore the prolific artist’s work, this archive will journey you through Young’s expansive library of material.

Young went all-out ensuring the archives achieved the best audio quality possible, which improves the stronger your connections gets. Young even dedicates his opening message to speak about audio choices.

“Full resolution is attained with no compression, unlike any other streaming service to date. Full resolution is attained when your bandwidth is high enough to play back all the quality of each individual recording. This is as good as it gets,” Young says.

The archive can get a bit overwhelming and confusing at times, so Young has even provided a tutorial video which you can watch below.

Via Spin.