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‘NEO: The World Ends with You’ is here to revive the smash-hit JRPG

Blitzing its way into 2021, The World Ends with You is getting a long-awaited sequel in addition to a Netflix adaptation.

The World Ends with You was an absolute smash for Nintendo DS fans. Initially released in 2007, the JRPG scene was finally graced with something modern and refreshing despite the limited powers of the handheld console generation.

After going dry for 13 years, we’re finally getting a sequel game and Netflix adaptation in the same year. The World Ends with You is back.

the world ends with you

The original game was one of the most colourful and flavourful titles that ever made its way onto the NDS. In addition to having vibrant art and a hip-hop aesthetic (very different from traditional JRPGs), The World Ends with You featured an insanely fun combat system that required both touch-screen and button controls to play. The slightly edgy storyline and mini-games just gave the game that much more value for the player.

Understandably, many rejoiced when Netflix announced their anime adaption plans for this series. The premise of having deceased teenagers fighting for a second chance at life via magical badge pins should make for good TV, even without its original NDS fandom.

A battle royale/survival game themed anime set in the heart of Shibuya is enough to entice viewers, even when the storyline is decade old. The Netflix adaption will be hitting our screens in April 2021.

Plus, a sequel to the game was just announced. NEO: The World Ends with You is the continuation to the smash-hit NDS game we’ve been waiting for. After making us wait over a decade, it had better be worth it.

First impressions? It definitely was worth it. The new game builds upon what was already established in the original game without removing any of the good bits. We’re now getting fluid 3D combat in the same style we know and love. Another bonus is seeing the older hip-hop vibes (skateboards, chains, and massive headphones) getting replaced with a sleeker look — better resembling the Japanese youth culture of today.

NEO: The World Ends with You is coming to the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 (no announcements for the next-gen consoles yet) sometime around July. Here’s the announcement trailer for those looking for a quick peek.