Netflix saved its viewers from an average 9 days of commercials last year

Netflix, Disney+, and basically all on-demand streaming platforms have enjoyed staggering popularity, rapidly changing the way we watch TV. One advantage of on-demand streaming sites is the lack of ads, which is supposedly one of the biggest reasons that viewers are switching to on-demand streaming sites.

Netflix are saving their viewers on average, 36 minutes of ads daily and 219 hours yearly.

Netflix and other on-demand streaming sites are saving their viewers hundreds of hours worth of advertisements every year.

In 2019, Cindy Holland, Netflix VP of Original Content revealed that the average viewer spends two hours a day on Netflix. Since these reports were made before the coronavirus pandemic, it is believed that the figure has only risen in quarantine.

Reviews.com have now reported the number of hours saved from advertisements using Holland’s figures; 219 hours, or just over 9 days per year.

A report by Gaebler via Wikipedia stated that the average hour-long television program contains roughly 18 minutes of ads. The average US citizen reportedly watches a little less than 4 hours worth of TV per day. Almost a quarter of that time is taken by commercial breaks. The Los Angles Times also reported an increase in commercial times, even after promising to reduce them.

See? Netflix is clearly not a waste of time. There’s no need to feel guilty for watching your favourite show, especially during quarantine!